Friday, January 20, 2012

it's been quite a while since i posted in here :) a lot has happened :) i've joined several crochet groups on facebook and met some great ladies who love to crochet as much as i do. it's a great place to be and we are so supportive of each other :) i've expanded my work to include jewelry, hair flowers and so much more. right now, i'm working on a vest as a bday present for a friend :) and some jewelry.

i joined a program on our groups called pass it forward 2012, and i'm making things for a bunch of ladies in my groups. i have a year to get it all done :) i think i will... i got my first gift today in the mail :) it's a beautiful green leaf made of cotton, so i'm thinking it will make a great washcloth :) amanda did a great job on it :)

i have found my crocheting to be very therapeutic for me in recovering from the loss of my son, ian. it's been almost a year and a half now since he was taken from us, and we still have the trials to get thru, but i'm more at peace when i crochet... and the support of my groups helps, too. it's great to know that they like what i do and encourages me to try more things :)

one friend formed a swap group online and it's been great to swap some of my yarn for more thread. i so much prefer using thread to crochet :) i don't make really big things, but i do seem to make a lot :) i guess it's cos it's all small and what i make is only limited by my imagination. i've written a couple patterns for hats and flowers so far :) it's really fun to come up with new ideas i haven't seen before on any online sites :)

i started my own crochet page on facebook that highlights my crocheting and have a drawing every couple months to give away something i make. this month, i'm giving away a set of three french dishcloths :) it's great to see all the ladies, and gent, who sign up for a chance to win :) here's the link:

well, enough rambling for one evening :) hope you all have a great weekend and happy hooking!!

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