Sunday, February 5, 2012

what i've been working on lately :)

i've got a new project that i'm working on :) yes, i know it's gonna be a different type of one, especially for me :) i do a lot of jewelry and baby dresses and other small things, and this is a small thing in a way, or a lot of small things :) i'm working on a six foot flower boa for a friend. i'm gonna do a white background to attach the flowers to for support. it's gonna have a green vine going the length of it and flowers and leaves along it :) and it will all be done in pastels of varing degrees :) i'm making small simple flowers, violets, pansies and daisies so far :) gonna make the small flowers into groupings of larger flowers... not sure what type yet :) but it's gonna be done by the end of the month, i hope :) i'm using mainly size 10 thread for the flowers, but i'm also using some size 30 and size 20 for smaller ones... for the background i'll be using size 3 for it's sturdier support.. got the picture in my head; now i just have to get it to work out the way i see it :) hoping it does!!! is for a friend for easter :) well, time to go get back to work :) flowers are waiting to be created :) have a great one and happy hooking :)