Tuesday, April 12, 2011

recent projects

above are some of my recent crochet projects. i've been making bookmarks a lot, which are very popular with my friends and family. i'm going to be selling them as a fundraiser for our local volunteer fire department at a function in may, so i have a lot to make, as i keep giving them away :) but is great that they are so well-liked that people want them. the bookmark above, with the red and white flowers, i made while waiting for mary to get out of surgery today. my son in law laughs and calls me a "bag lady" cos everywhere i go, i take a bag of crocheting to pass the time while i wait. it keeps me from getting bored and i accomplish something at the same time.

i've also been making bun covers for my daughter's mother in law. they help keep her hair out of the way when she's working, which is a big help to her. and i enjoy crocheting them :)

the last thing i've been making lately, other than dishcloths, are chokers for my granddaughters :) this is actually one that i made for my daughter, candi, but i have pics of others that i've made for my granddaughters i will post another time.

and of course, with liberty's bday coming up again, she has put in a request for as many barbie dresses as i can make her as she has "lots" of barbies that need clothes :) this year, i'm experimenting with adding beads to them, instead of just ribbons and buttons and other little ornaments i've found. hopefully she will like them.

i have a lot of pics posted on my facebook page, which is www.facebook.com/pegmonaghan. a couple years ago, i started taking pictures of the work i've been doing. after so many years not doing so, it's amazing how many i get :) but then, i do love to crochet.