Sunday, February 5, 2012

what i've been working on lately :)

i've got a new project that i'm working on :) yes, i know it's gonna be a different type of one, especially for me :) i do a lot of jewelry and baby dresses and other small things, and this is a small thing in a way, or a lot of small things :) i'm working on a six foot flower boa for a friend. i'm gonna do a white background to attach the flowers to for support. it's gonna have a green vine going the length of it and flowers and leaves along it :) and it will all be done in pastels of varing degrees :) i'm making small simple flowers, violets, pansies and daisies so far :) gonna make the small flowers into groupings of larger flowers... not sure what type yet :) but it's gonna be done by the end of the month, i hope :) i'm using mainly size 10 thread for the flowers, but i'm also using some size 30 and size 20 for smaller ones... for the background i'll be using size 3 for it's sturdier support.. got the picture in my head; now i just have to get it to work out the way i see it :) hoping it does!!! is for a friend for easter :) well, time to go get back to work :) flowers are waiting to be created :) have a great one and happy hooking :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

another dress :)

working on another version of the model beatrice dress :) this one is smaller as i only used 9 flowers for the neckline :) it's working out to a newborn, maybe preemie, size dress :) i started on it late last night and am over halfway done now :) so like this pattern :) it's so lacy, but at the same time such a simple one to do :)

i did find one mistake in the pattern that i wrote from sylvia's notes, but she says she has found more :( am waiting to get the corrected version from her to find out the changes :) but i do like the way it's turned out with what she originally gave me :)...

i only got around 3 1/2 hrs sleep this morning :) for some reason i couldn't sleep last night so i worked on this instead :) think i'm gonna try to get some sleep in a bit :) if i can't, tho, i'll keep working on this :) might have it done this evening or tomorrow ;) will post a pic when i do :) have a great day hooking, all my hooker friends :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

finishing up one project and starting another :)

well, i finally finished the baby dress i was working on :) this was made using the pattern i tested for Sylvia Hernandez Ramos called Model Beatrice :) she was kind enough to let me write it down and share it :) it came out to be around a 12 months size, so am trying it again with less flowers in the neckline and gonna see how large it is then :)

i'e also been working on other things for tonya :) she wanted some more "bunny rings" like the one i made her last summer :) so i experimented with it and managed to recreate it :) took a bit, but got it to work :) and then i started on some hairflowers for her :) with matching earrings, or at least flower earrings using the same thread :) and i made her a butterfly necklace :) so been very busy :) also started on some coasters for the pay it forward 2012 project that i signed up for :) ended up with around 30 gifts i'll be passing on :) but i love crocheting so just hope they like what i send them :) and have the year to do it, so should have no problems :)

finally had the drawing today on my crochet page ( ) for the 3 french dishcloths i had up for grabs this month :) Kathy Yucha was the lucky winner :) am so glad for her :) it's so much fun having the drawings :) last month, my friends voted on what they wanted me to make and the dishcloths won :) next month, there will be another poll to find out what i'll be giving away in March :) it's so much fun to have my friends let me know what they would like me to make :)

i found out this week what i need to do to enter some things in the county fair here in august :) got some ideas, but as usual, i will have a poll on my page for my friends to give me some ideas :) i'm thinking some jewelry and one of the model beatrice baby dresses... we'll see :) got 6 more months before i have to seriously work on something :) if i make it too soon, i'll end up giving it away...

well, enough rambling for tonight ;) hope you all are having a great weekend :) time to get back to crocheting :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

another wip ;)

this is another project i'm doing this month. Sylvia Hernandez Ramos has been generous enough to share her pattern with me.. this is what i've gotten so far :) really like the way it's working out :) will be beautiful when it's done. my color choices were almond pink and ecru. can't wait to finish it :) not sure what i will do with it when i finish, but do love making baby things :) maybe my son will find out they're having another girl and i will have a use for it :) if not, it makes a great baby gift to keep on hand for any friends who are expecting girls :) or maybe i'll hang on to it to display at my table when the tractor pull comes around again this year :) the bookmarks i made last year went over well, so maybe there will be a demand for some jewelry and other things this year. the profits benefit the volunteer firefighters in our town :)

have a great weekend, my friends, and happy hooking :)

saturday hooking

well, this is what i've been working on this month :) it's for a friend's bday and i'm still not completely done, but am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now... still have to make a couple more motifs and do the edging, but am almost out of the plum color, so thinking of complimentary colors i can use for the bottom and around the neckline :) have several options. i have some deep purple, some lilac, and tonya sent me some monet, a varigated thread, and the purple in it pretty much matches the plum, so seriously thinking of using it and then doing it and sage for the trim, as the monet has a sage color in it, too :) so it would all blend together :) but still debating on those choices yet. i know i need to make up my mind soon, as i have to have this in the mail by the first, and i only have 10 more days, but i want to see which works best with it before i make a final decision :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

it's been quite a while since i posted in here :) a lot has happened :) i've joined several crochet groups on facebook and met some great ladies who love to crochet as much as i do. it's a great place to be and we are so supportive of each other :) i've expanded my work to include jewelry, hair flowers and so much more. right now, i'm working on a vest as a bday present for a friend :) and some jewelry.

i joined a program on our groups called pass it forward 2012, and i'm making things for a bunch of ladies in my groups. i have a year to get it all done :) i think i will... i got my first gift today in the mail :) it's a beautiful green leaf made of cotton, so i'm thinking it will make a great washcloth :) amanda did a great job on it :)

i have found my crocheting to be very therapeutic for me in recovering from the loss of my son, ian. it's been almost a year and a half now since he was taken from us, and we still have the trials to get thru, but i'm more at peace when i crochet... and the support of my groups helps, too. it's great to know that they like what i do and encourages me to try more things :)

one friend formed a swap group online and it's been great to swap some of my yarn for more thread. i so much prefer using thread to crochet :) i don't make really big things, but i do seem to make a lot :) i guess it's cos it's all small and what i make is only limited by my imagination. i've written a couple patterns for hats and flowers so far :) it's really fun to come up with new ideas i haven't seen before on any online sites :)

i started my own crochet page on facebook that highlights my crocheting and have a drawing every couple months to give away something i make. this month, i'm giving away a set of three french dishcloths :) it's great to see all the ladies, and gent, who sign up for a chance to win :) here's the link:

well, enough rambling for one evening :) hope you all have a great weekend and happy hooking!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

recent projects

above are some of my recent crochet projects. i've been making bookmarks a lot, which are very popular with my friends and family. i'm going to be selling them as a fundraiser for our local volunteer fire department at a function in may, so i have a lot to make, as i keep giving them away :) but is great that they are so well-liked that people want them. the bookmark above, with the red and white flowers, i made while waiting for mary to get out of surgery today. my son in law laughs and calls me a "bag lady" cos everywhere i go, i take a bag of crocheting to pass the time while i wait. it keeps me from getting bored and i accomplish something at the same time.

i've also been making bun covers for my daughter's mother in law. they help keep her hair out of the way when she's working, which is a big help to her. and i enjoy crocheting them :)

the last thing i've been making lately, other than dishcloths, are chokers for my granddaughters :) this is actually one that i made for my daughter, candi, but i have pics of others that i've made for my granddaughters i will post another time.

and of course, with liberty's bday coming up again, she has put in a request for as many barbie dresses as i can make her as she has "lots" of barbies that need clothes :) this year, i'm experimenting with adding beads to them, instead of just ribbons and buttons and other little ornaments i've found. hopefully she will like them.

i have a lot of pics posted on my facebook page, which is a couple years ago, i started taking pictures of the work i've been doing. after so many years not doing so, it's amazing how many i get :) but then, i do love to crochet.