Saturday, January 28, 2012

finishing up one project and starting another :)

well, i finally finished the baby dress i was working on :) this was made using the pattern i tested for Sylvia Hernandez Ramos called Model Beatrice :) she was kind enough to let me write it down and share it :) it came out to be around a 12 months size, so am trying it again with less flowers in the neckline and gonna see how large it is then :)

i'e also been working on other things for tonya :) she wanted some more "bunny rings" like the one i made her last summer :) so i experimented with it and managed to recreate it :) took a bit, but got it to work :) and then i started on some hairflowers for her :) with matching earrings, or at least flower earrings using the same thread :) and i made her a butterfly necklace :) so been very busy :) also started on some coasters for the pay it forward 2012 project that i signed up for :) ended up with around 30 gifts i'll be passing on :) but i love crocheting so just hope they like what i send them :) and have the year to do it, so should have no problems :)

finally had the drawing today on my crochet page ( ) for the 3 french dishcloths i had up for grabs this month :) Kathy Yucha was the lucky winner :) am so glad for her :) it's so much fun having the drawings :) last month, my friends voted on what they wanted me to make and the dishcloths won :) next month, there will be another poll to find out what i'll be giving away in March :) it's so much fun to have my friends let me know what they would like me to make :)

i found out this week what i need to do to enter some things in the county fair here in august :) got some ideas, but as usual, i will have a poll on my page for my friends to give me some ideas :) i'm thinking some jewelry and one of the model beatrice baby dresses... we'll see :) got 6 more months before i have to seriously work on something :) if i make it too soon, i'll end up giving it away...

well, enough rambling for tonight ;) hope you all are having a great weekend :) time to get back to crocheting :)

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