Sunday, January 29, 2012

another dress :)

working on another version of the model beatrice dress :) this one is smaller as i only used 9 flowers for the neckline :) it's working out to a newborn, maybe preemie, size dress :) i started on it late last night and am over halfway done now :) so like this pattern :) it's so lacy, but at the same time such a simple one to do :)

i did find one mistake in the pattern that i wrote from sylvia's notes, but she says she has found more :( am waiting to get the corrected version from her to find out the changes :) but i do like the way it's turned out with what she originally gave me :)...

i only got around 3 1/2 hrs sleep this morning :) for some reason i couldn't sleep last night so i worked on this instead :) think i'm gonna try to get some sleep in a bit :) if i can't, tho, i'll keep working on this :) might have it done this evening or tomorrow ;) will post a pic when i do :) have a great day hooking, all my hooker friends :)

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