Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new projects :)

well, i'm working on some new projects again :) right now, i'm making a ladybug baby dress :) i made the top red and the skirt is gonna be white.. .i found a filet pattern for a ladybug and i got it copied onto graph paper today and will be using that in the skirt, probably near the bottom. i also found some ladybug buttons to use for decoration to carry on the theme :) next, it will be a christening gown and bonnet for mel's aunt. am considering making filet roses on the skirt as her name is rosie :) but still thinking about it.. might keep looking for some more patterns and see how they will translate to what i'm doing :)

mel took me to walmart yesterday and we found a ton of cool things to use for the baby dresses and barbie dresses i will be making for her aunt. most will go to the church bazaar in october, but i'm getting a headstart this year... i've already made several for libby's bday, just have to finish trimming them, so will be busy for a while :) love having all this thread and stuff to work for... actually found some thin velvet ribbon on sale and got some of it to use as trim :) and some dragonfly crystals :) can't wait to get some more stuff as time goes on :) am building up quite a collection... thinking about getting some little pearl buttons or beads to use to accent the christening gown :) will have to see how things go :) in the meantime, will just keep crocheting away :) and taking pics of what i'm doing to add to my collection :) seems i'm almost as voracious at crocheting as i am at reading some days :) hehehe

well, guess that's all for now... has cooled off again here.. miss the warmer weather but should warm up again by next week, at least i hope so :) in the meantime, i will be snuggling in the warm blankies that mel made me :) sure do love those thick blankies!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a long day :(

well, mary got me up again this morning to watch for the bus for daniel and get him on it... being in preschool, he has to be escorted to it and picked up from it every day he goes... it was cold this morning, too. we had a hard freeze last night and frost on the ground... will be glad when it warms up again :)

then went to town with bev... got a couple things we needed :) tonight i made bbq pork from the loin i cooked yesterday and simmered it all afternoon in the crock pot in bbq sauce that i doctored up with coke :) was yum... then made twice baked potatoes with shredded cheese and bacon in them :) had sour cream, cheese, and ham bits for toppings :) were yum too :) daniel didn't want to pork, so i took some honey mustard dressing and put it over some of the chicken strips i baked up yesterday and baked it in... was good too :)

mary and robert decided to go to arma and rent a couple movies, so they brought me back a fountain drink and lottery ticket for keeping an eye on daniel while they went... after the pain he was this afternoon for me, it took a bribe for me to watch him for that little bit :) was good, too, cos the ticket won $5 :) haven't won anything in a while, so was happy... got Sonic money tomorrow when i go to town :) hehehe do love their cherry dr peppers, although i normally drink pepsi :)

was election day here for our local offices... i went to vote early this morning... was 27th voter... overall, we only had a little over 100 who voted :) but hey, we're a small town :) looks like we're keeping our mayor and a couple firefighters might be on the council :) will be an interesting couple years around here...

after making my first baby bonnet, am busy working away making one to match the dress that mary gave her co-worker a couple wks ago :) have crystal butterflies, so i can put one of them in the middle of the flower on the side of the hat :) hope it works out well... melissa said her aunt wants me to make 4 dresses and hats for one of her nephews who is expecting a girl later in the year... and then there's the ones i need to make for the church bazaar.. .might just make bonnets for them and barbie dresses... haven't made up my mind yet :) depends on whether they will provide the materials for me to use :)

well, it's getting close to time for "Chopped" on food network, so guess i will end this for now and get back to the bonnet :) if i work on it for a couple more hours, i might have it finished for her in the morning, instead of thurs morn :) have voted for my idol choice and now just have to wait till tomorrow to see how it goes :) night, my friends :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

okay, here's my first attempt at making a baby bonnet. i found the pattern at piggy crochet and love it! it's so easy to make that i made it in just a few hours :) will be making the now to color coordinate with each new dress i make. haven't found a bootie pattern yet for thread, but will keep looking :)

shopping day :)

last night, i made 2 shopping bags out of yarn, crocheting them :) thought i made them big enough, and they were :) they stretched out when i used them, but they held a lot of stuff and were so strong. the carryout guy was afraid the bottom would come out of them, but they held my meat, one the ham and turkey and the other the roll of hamb and pork loin :) and the handles meant i could just put them over my shoulder to carry the stuff in :)

shopping day is over for another couple weeks. they had a good sale on at the store in ft scott, so went up there and got a whole ham... but by buying the whole ham, i got a turkey breast for free... then i got a whole pork loin on sale, which i divided up into 3 parts and a huge roll of hamb :) daniel's gonna love the corn dogs they had on sale, as well... right now, i've got the groceries put away and am busy baking chicken breast strips seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and mesquite seasoning... they are so good and i use them in so many ways... also have part of the pork loin going in the slow cooker, so my meals this week will revolve around what i'm cooking today :) have corn tortillas, so will probably make baked chicken taco casserole :) love that stuff and have some sour cream and fresh tomatoes for on top :)

well, josh came by so i gave him some of the chicken, but still have enough for the chicken taco casserole :) i went to town with him, after picking up daniel at school, and got some eggs and cheese i needed :) when we got home and walked in the door, the smell of the pork loin in the slow cooker smelled so good :) will have to get some egg roll wrappers and cabbage to make some pork egg rolls again this month :) everyone loves them :)

gonna have to get off here for now. i need to go keep an eye on daniel :) mary said they will be going to town when she gets off work, so will get a break for a while then :) can sure use it. these new meds i've started on are giving me really bad back aches, so don't feel like doing much of anything. think i will sit in the living room with daniel and crochet this afternoon :) gonna start working on more barbie dresses and stuff for libby :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

have been asked to make a baby ensemble for a friend's friend from work, who is expecting a granddaughter :) now i just have to find a pattern for booties and a hat, using #10 crochet cotton, which is what i use to make the dresses i make :) gonna be searching on yahoo and google and see what i can come up with :) hope ya all are having a great weekend :) can't wait for the race tomorrow in tx :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

well, here is another baby dress i just finished :) this one is smaller for a newborn size :) the little spots at the high waist in the middle are little crystal hearts :)

now i've decided it's time to start on barbie dresses for libby's bday :) i've got a little over a month to see how many i can get done for her :) and make a couple small blankies and pillows for her doll house :) it really keeps me busy doing this... and the barbie dresses don't take long at all to make :) once school starts again in the fall, i will be working on the stuff for the church bazaar for mel's aunt rosie :) if she wants a lot of baby dresses, tho, i will have to start on them sooner... but with daniel not in school, there won't be a lot of time this summer for me to crochet, at least not during the day when mary and robert are working :)

cooked a pot of beans today to use in chili tomorrow night :) will let it work in the slow cooker for most of the day, so it will be really good when they get home from work :) haven't had chili for a while, so it should taste pretty good... is cold tonight (expecting a freeze), but should warm up again tomorrow, but rain due again on sat... sure wish this weather would settle down. we had snow fri and sat and by mon, it was in the 60s again :( this weather is so crazy this year... today was warm, but wet and got cool quickly this afternoon. will be glad when it stays warm enough i can take my plants back outside and leave them there for the summer :)

guess i'll end this for now, hell's kitchen is on :) take care :)