Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new projects :)

well, i'm working on some new projects again :) right now, i'm making a ladybug baby dress :) i made the top red and the skirt is gonna be white.. .i found a filet pattern for a ladybug and i got it copied onto graph paper today and will be using that in the skirt, probably near the bottom. i also found some ladybug buttons to use for decoration to carry on the theme :) next, it will be a christening gown and bonnet for mel's aunt. am considering making filet roses on the skirt as her name is rosie :) but still thinking about it.. might keep looking for some more patterns and see how they will translate to what i'm doing :)

mel took me to walmart yesterday and we found a ton of cool things to use for the baby dresses and barbie dresses i will be making for her aunt. most will go to the church bazaar in october, but i'm getting a headstart this year... i've already made several for libby's bday, just have to finish trimming them, so will be busy for a while :) love having all this thread and stuff to work for... actually found some thin velvet ribbon on sale and got some of it to use as trim :) and some dragonfly crystals :) can't wait to get some more stuff as time goes on :) am building up quite a collection... thinking about getting some little pearl buttons or beads to use to accent the christening gown :) will have to see how things go :) in the meantime, will just keep crocheting away :) and taking pics of what i'm doing to add to my collection :) seems i'm almost as voracious at crocheting as i am at reading some days :) hehehe

well, guess that's all for now... has cooled off again here.. miss the warmer weather but should warm up again by next week, at least i hope so :) in the meantime, i will be snuggling in the warm blankies that mel made me :) sure do love those thick blankies!!!!

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