Thursday, April 2, 2009

well, here is another baby dress i just finished :) this one is smaller for a newborn size :) the little spots at the high waist in the middle are little crystal hearts :)

now i've decided it's time to start on barbie dresses for libby's bday :) i've got a little over a month to see how many i can get done for her :) and make a couple small blankies and pillows for her doll house :) it really keeps me busy doing this... and the barbie dresses don't take long at all to make :) once school starts again in the fall, i will be working on the stuff for the church bazaar for mel's aunt rosie :) if she wants a lot of baby dresses, tho, i will have to start on them sooner... but with daniel not in school, there won't be a lot of time this summer for me to crochet, at least not during the day when mary and robert are working :)

cooked a pot of beans today to use in chili tomorrow night :) will let it work in the slow cooker for most of the day, so it will be really good when they get home from work :) haven't had chili for a while, so it should taste pretty good... is cold tonight (expecting a freeze), but should warm up again tomorrow, but rain due again on sat... sure wish this weather would settle down. we had snow fri and sat and by mon, it was in the 60s again :( this weather is so crazy this year... today was warm, but wet and got cool quickly this afternoon. will be glad when it stays warm enough i can take my plants back outside and leave them there for the summer :)

guess i'll end this for now, hell's kitchen is on :) take care :)

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