Tuesday, September 30, 2008

love the new psssst site i've become a member of :)

i finally got my first coupon from pssst and it was for pizza crust... figures, as i'm on a diet, but it was great, cos i could make it thin to fit my cookie sheet and then topped it with some great stuff, like pepperoni and cheese... yeah, i know that's a basic pizza type, but since my 4yo grandson was with me, he helped me pick out the toppings and those were his favorite :) it was good, too, and i only ate one slice... it was an awesome crust and so much easier than making it from scratch, which i usually do :)

today i got a coupon for those new flaky twists and i can't wait to try them out. our store didn't have the chocolate topped ones, so i could only get the cinnamon sugar ones, but that's good too :) can't wait to fix them this weekend for breakfast for everyone :) will let ya all know how they turn out...

in the meantime, it's getting close to my bedtime :) gonna be a busy day tomorrow :) paydays always are :) hope you all are having a great week... take care!!

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Andy said...

The pepperoni and cheese combo is an oldie but still a great choice!

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Andy Gerrard
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