Monday, April 6, 2009

shopping day :)

last night, i made 2 shopping bags out of yarn, crocheting them :) thought i made them big enough, and they were :) they stretched out when i used them, but they held a lot of stuff and were so strong. the carryout guy was afraid the bottom would come out of them, but they held my meat, one the ham and turkey and the other the roll of hamb and pork loin :) and the handles meant i could just put them over my shoulder to carry the stuff in :)

shopping day is over for another couple weeks. they had a good sale on at the store in ft scott, so went up there and got a whole ham... but by buying the whole ham, i got a turkey breast for free... then i got a whole pork loin on sale, which i divided up into 3 parts and a huge roll of hamb :) daniel's gonna love the corn dogs they had on sale, as well... right now, i've got the groceries put away and am busy baking chicken breast strips seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and mesquite seasoning... they are so good and i use them in so many ways... also have part of the pork loin going in the slow cooker, so my meals this week will revolve around what i'm cooking today :) have corn tortillas, so will probably make baked chicken taco casserole :) love that stuff and have some sour cream and fresh tomatoes for on top :)

well, josh came by so i gave him some of the chicken, but still have enough for the chicken taco casserole :) i went to town with him, after picking up daniel at school, and got some eggs and cheese i needed :) when we got home and walked in the door, the smell of the pork loin in the slow cooker smelled so good :) will have to get some egg roll wrappers and cabbage to make some pork egg rolls again this month :) everyone loves them :)

gonna have to get off here for now. i need to go keep an eye on daniel :) mary said they will be going to town when she gets off work, so will get a break for a while then :) can sure use it. these new meds i've started on are giving me really bad back aches, so don't feel like doing much of anything. think i will sit in the living room with daniel and crochet this afternoon :) gonna start working on more barbie dresses and stuff for libby :)

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